The NATO Shipping Centre                                    

The link beetwen NATO and the merchant shipping community.



  NATO Shipping Centre Mission                             

                    Maritime trade is of fundamental strategic importance to nations; indeed, societies’ welfare and economic wealth depends on the ability to trade, which in  turn depends on freedom of navigation. The NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) mission is to provide improved information exchange on merchant shipping matters, and facilitate increased voluntary co-operation between military commanders and commercial shipping operators.
                    The NSC collects and processes merchant shipping information, developing a picture of shipping in areas of interest in order to support military operational requirements and advise shipping about the evolving situation. As a permanent establishment, the NSC supports both NATO and multinational worldwide operations, acting as designated point of contact within NATO for the merchant shipping community.

                  Recognising the importance of information to the safety and security of mariners, the NSC routinely cooperates and shares information with bodies with similar mandates.

 NATO Shipping Centre Strategic Vision                    

                   The strategic vision is based on three pillars described below.  These consist of a series of activities and milestones which are not isolated, but interdependent.



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