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Reporting procedures


Reporting procedures in the Mediterranean Sea


  • A FORMAT ALFA report is requested upon arrival in the Med to be sent to the NSC: info@shipping.nato.int
  • Subsequent daily position reports are requested to be sent to the NSC


Reporting procedures for the Horn of Africa

To ensure that Naval/Military forces are aware of the sea passage that a ship is about to embark upon and how vulnerable a ship is to pirate attack, BMP outlines the following procedures for ships intending to transit the High Risk Area:

  • An initial, daily and final report (as per BMP4 Annex B) should be sent to UKMTO: ukmto@eim.ae

Reporting to both these organizations is requested because UKMTO and MSCHOA serve two separate functions:

· United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations Dubai (UKMTO) is the Position Reporting and Emergency Incident Response Interface with merchant ships at sea. UKMTO coordinates all oral communications with a ship’s Bridge in an emergency in order to make a quick and accurate assessment of the incident which is then disseminated immediately on the shared communications systems monitored by Counter Piracy Naval Operations operating off Somalia. The staff at UKMTO are well trained in providing the appropriate guidance, information and support to the Master and or crew in the event of any piracy related incident. Vessels report daily to UKMTO with position related information.

· MSCHOA vessel movement registration enables merchant ships to provide naval forces operating off Somalia with a vulnerability profile of the vessel specific to the transit which includes dimensions of the ship, cargo , crew numbers and nationalities, security SPMs, and security personnel armed and or unarmed. All this information is fed into a risk matrix formula producing a Vulnerable Risk Category for each vessel which is disseminated daily on the shared communications system and used by Headquarters watchkeepers and warships and aircraft across the High Risk Area. Vessels register their movement only once upon entering the High Risk Area as set out in BMP. The data provided is collated and trends are analysed over months and years to support improvements and revisions to BMP and other counter piracy advice to Industry Organizations. This information is vital in communicating to Governments the existing and future threat to shipping from piracy.