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This page displays naval exercises that could be of interest to commercial shipping.

Military operations will frequently involve, or have some impact, on merchant shipping and vice-versa. The Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) organisation bridges the gap between operational forces and merchant shipping by providing a framework for communication.  One of the key points in the NCAGS organisation is the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) as the main and primary permanent point of contact for the shipping community within NATO.

The NATO Shipping Centre’s information management system is designed to respect commercial sensitivities. The shipping industry should be aware that the integrity of particularly sensitive commercial information, when given to the NSC, is respected. Conversely, commercial operators not limited to NATO flagged or owned vessels will be encouraged to participate in operations or exercises to support the general economic flow of shipping. Whereas some nations are well equipped to provide advice for their own ‘flag’ vessels, this is not true of all countries. The NATO Shipping Centre will assist all vessels, regardless of flag, wishing to co-operate with NATO, and we have done so during a large number of operations.


Date: 01.09.2012 - 12.09.2012

Area: West Baltic

DANEX / Nothern Coast 2011  is a LIVEX  with NCAGS units established. The exercise will be run in the Western Baltic.

Noble Mariner 2012 

Read the essential info for merchant shipping here:Exercise NOBLE MARINER 2012

Date: 24.09- 04.10.2012

Area: Mediterranean. Live exercise.

NOMR 12 is an NRF Maritime Component Commander exercise designed to integrate NRF 2013 nominated forces under the NRF MCC, to validate NRF 2013 MCC formation’s interoperability and readiness and to evaluate Maritime Component capabilities by exercising NRF missions and tasks. NOMR 12 will support the NRF 2013 certification plan.

The focus of NOMR 12 will be on the maritime expeditionary nature of NRF deployment in a littoral environment; evaluating and improving interoperability and integrating tactical maritime operations at the Task Force level, related to relevant NRF missions. The exercise will be the primary tool to certify CTG and CTU staffs in their NRF Preparatory period.

Dynamic Master 2012

Date: 29.10- 09.11.2012


NCAGS CPX designed to exercise nominated HQs and staffs in all functions and responsibilities of NCAGS Cdr, SCP, NSC and AWNIS in order to train and qualify personnel for crisis mission. DNMR 12 is scheduled in OCT/NOV 2012. IPC will be organised in MC Northwood DEC 2011. OSE-MCC NORTHWOOD, OCE-UK RN.